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                                                 NEWS FOR THE WEEK AT NORTHERN CHEYENNE TRIBAL SCHOOL

                                                                                                  April 22, 2014


Congrats to Lawrence Jace Killsback and Oly McMakin for putting on an awesome tournament for our youth!!! It is great to see our tribal leaders investing in our youth and providing them a safe haven during the holidays...thank you to all those that contributed Dewey Foote, Jeremey Foote, Emily Killsback, Kinsley Walksalong, Sonny Lionel Crazymule, Mike & Anna M. WeaselBear-Old Crane all the boys from "MJ's Team....please forgive me if I have forgotten anyone.....Everyone is asking when is the next Tournament....GREAT JOB!!!! Please enjoy some of our pictures below.


      Enjoy Northern Cheyenne Tribal Schools Slide Show.

Check out the live Coverage of a Bald Eagles nest....Copy and paste this  link below:



Check out our facebook page: Northern Cheyenne Tribal School

Please welcome the the yearly visit of the Alt Family. They visit our school every year from Michigan and help with one on one activities with our children...Ha-Ho

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