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​A C A D E M I C S

                                        SAXON MATH

Saxon Math K–5 programs are easy to implement, provide more time for learning and teaching, and feature comprehensive materials that are convenient and well-organized. Differentiated instruction opportunities and strategies include visual models, hands-on activities, technology, and enrichment tools that will help every student succeed. Saxon Math supports every level of student development with two program configurations.

Primary K–3

Saxon Math's Primary K–3 program is offered as a consumable kit that provides teachers with the instructional materials and activities they need to help primary students master foundational math concepts and problem solving strategies.


Intermediate 3–5

Saxon Math's Intermediate 3–5 program offers a textbook-based format that is written at a level appropriate for students in the intermediate grades. It includes lessons embedded with activities, comprehensive examples, and practical applications.


Saxon Math Courses 1, 2, and 3

A comprehensive solution for promoting mastery of the Common Core State Standards in middle school. Courses 1–3 ensure students attain and retain deep understanding and can apply their learning in real-world situations.

Saxon Math Courses 1, 2, and 3 integrate and distribute traditional units, giving students time to learn and practice skills throughout the year, master content, and develop higher-order thinking. Skills and concepts are built through critical thinking, helping students become better and more confident problem solvers. The books focus students directly on the math, eliminating distractions so that students can build meaningful math connections.


Saxon Secondary Mathematics editions provide course content and features to meet the demands of today's more rigorous standards. Saxon helps students achieve higher test scores, better prepares students for college entrance exams, and readies students for collegiate math concepts.

The Saxon Algebra 1, Geometry and Algebra 2 series prepares students for real-world problems with practical applications of abstract concepts. As a result, students master effective thinking and reasoning strategies. The Saxon Math program results in immediate, dramatic and sustained high levels of student performance.


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             READ WELL PROGRAM


Read Well is an innovative K-3 reading and language arts solution that helps students build the critical skills needed to be successful readers and learners. The research-based program allows teachers to effectively target students at all stages of development. Through a blended approach of whole-class instruction, differentiation small-group instruction, motivating technology, and individual student practice, teachers have the flexibility they need to meet students at their skill levels and adapt instruction accordingly. Read Well meets the challenges of the CCSS - along with the needs of each child.

Read Well

  • Builds close readers

  • Develop proficient writers

  • Provides multiple entry points for appropriate student placement

  • Incorporates an innovative blend of small-group peer collaboration and whole-class instruction

  • Teaches comprehension in an explicit and systematic way

  • Offers comprehensive training and implementation support

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